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1. 关于运动的英语句子

1.play table with me tonight.

2.I like skiing.

3.I can't play basketball.

4.I'm running fast.

5.I play football is very well.

6.I'm gonging swimming tonight.

7.I was surfing exercise

8.I can hight jump.

9.I don't like tennis.


2. 用英语表达关于运动好处的句子

Playing sports is good for our health. When you are playing sports, your heart will beating fast and force it to pump more blood to your whole body. This could improve your cardiorespiratory function. It's also a good way for people to comunicate with each other. When you play basket ball with your friends, you will feel happier than staying home alone. 望采纳 谢谢。

3. 奥运会中二十种运动的英文名称及十句体育比赛中专业术语表达

田径-athletics、赛艇-rowing、自行车-cycling、游泳-swimming、棒球-baseball、足球-football、篮球-basketball、羽毛球-badminton、乒乓球-Table tennis、射击-shooting、拳击-boxing、排球-volleyball、沙滩排球-beach volleybal 、曲棍球-hockey、皮划艇-canoeing、马术-equestrian、体操-gymnastics、手球-handball、水球-waterball、举重-weight lifting、柔道-judo、摔跤-wrestling、垒球-softball、击剑-fencing、铁人3项-iron man three items、现代五项-modern pentathlon

first half 上半场 internal 中场休息 second half 下半场 allowance 补时 extra time 加时 choice of ends and the kick-off are decided by the toss of a coin 掷币挑边和开球 kick off 开球 kick-off-time 开赛时间 close game with long forward passes 长传急攻 short pass 短传 combination passed 短传配合 double pass 二过一 drive down the side-lines before centering the ball 沉底传中 pass-and receive combinations 传接配合 center 传中 cross pass 横传 one-touch pass 一脚球 ground pass 地面传球 scissors kick 倒钩球 lofted ball 高吊球 head ball 顶球 ferocious tackle 拼抢 block 堵截 support 策应 side tackle 侧面抢截 dash forward 插上 excessive dribbling 盘带过多 pincers movement 两翼包抄 playmaker 进攻组织者 outflank 边路进攻 fast break 快攻 volley shot 凌空射门 man-for-man marking 盯人防守 fill gap 补位 balancing defense 防守补位 “blanket” defense 密集防守 off side 越位 trip opponent 绊人 charge opponet 冲撞

4. 写一个英语句子描述你的日常运动

I love swimming, but I don't like to go swimming today.我喜欢游泳, 但今天不想游。

My favorate sport is golf. 我最爱的运动是高尔夫。

My brother is absolutely a football lover. 我哥哥是个十足的足球爱好者。

I prefer basketball to football. 我喜欢篮球胜过足球。

How I wish to be a wonderful basketball player like Yao Ming! 我很想成为像姚明那样了不起的篮球运动员!

5. 书面表达.写出五句与运动有关的句子(英语)(速度

1、Basketball is a popular sport in China.

2、"Football is the ultimate in team sport, " says Pele.

3、These are highly competitive athletes, at the top of their sport, coming here to Princeton when they were recruited.

4、Those handsets sport basic security features like device encryption, remote wipe and remote lock.

5、He said rock climbing is a high risk sport in which many people overestimate their abilities and underestimate the rock

6. 用英语介绍一项体育运动,六句~十句就够了

Archery 射箭 In general outdoor archery competitions, the target is placed at different distances ranging from 30 meters to 90 meters, however in Paralympic competition only a 70 meter distance is used. In indoor competitions, the distances are 18 meters and 25 meters. The size of the target also varies with the distance. At the longer distances, it has a diameter of 122cm while at the 18 meter distance it is only 40cm.The archery classification system is divided into three different classes: ARST, ARW1 and ARW2.参加残奥会射箭比赛的选手为肢体残疾的运动员。


但是残奥会射箭比赛只设70米靶,分为站姿和坐姿两个组别,包括个人赛和团体赛。Athletics 田径 The competition programme includes Track and Field events, Throwing and Jumping events, the Marathon and Pentathlon. It involves the largest number of male and female athletes and the largest number of events.残奥会田径比赛项目包括径赛、田赛、马拉松和五项全能四大类。

田径比赛项目的最多的,参加田径比赛的男女运动员人数也是最多的。Boccia 硬地滚球 A match consists of four ends in the individuals and pairs competitions and of six ends in the team division. Each end continues until both teams have played all of their balls.The match is started by throwing the white target ball or the "jack" into the playing area. The same player also rolls the first Boccia ball as close as possible to the jack. The athletes use their hands, feet or an assistive device where required, to propel the balls. Thereafter the opposing team throws until they get a ball closer to the jack or until they have thrown all of their team's balls. Play then returns to the first team. The end continues in this manner until both teams have thrown all of their balls.硬地滚球比赛时运动员须坐在轮椅上进行投球,得分以投出的球距目标球的距离计算,累积分最高者获胜。



Cycling 自行车 Athletes with cerebral palsy compete on road and track using standard racing bicycles. Athletes with balance difficulties compete on tricycles, but only in Road events. Athletes with a visual impairment compete on tandem bicycles, both Road and Track, with a sighted pilot. Amputees and riders with other permanent physical disabilities, compete on Road and Track, using standard racing bicycles. Athletes who are wheelchair users and are unable to ride a standard racing bicycle, or tricycle, due to severe lower limb disabilities, compete in Road events using three-wheeled handcycles. For all classes, approved disability specific adaptations are permitted, if necessary for the improvement of safety.残奥会自行车比赛分为场地赛和公路赛。场地赛包括计时赛、追逐赛、争先赛和团体竞速赛;公路赛包括个人计时赛和长距离个人赛(集体出发)。

English is a West Germanic language that originated in Anglo-Saxon England. As a result of the military, economic, scientific, political and cultural influence of the British Empire during the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries and of the United States since the late 19th century, it has become the lingua franca in many parts of the world.[7] It is used extensively as a second language and as an official language in Commonwealth countries and many international organizations.Unit One Greetings (1)问候 Unit Two Greetings (2)问候 Unit Three Welcome 欢迎 Unit Four Asking for information 询问 Unit Five Introduction 介绍 Unit Six Offer 提供 Unit Seven Gratitude 感谢 Unit Eight Saying Goodbye 道别 Unit Nine The Weather 天气 Unit Ten Asking the Way 问路 Unit Eleven Making phone Calls 打电话 Unit Twelve Liking 喜好 Unit Thirteen Invitation 邀请 Unit Fourteen Delight and Dismay 高兴和沮丧 Unit Fifteen Expressing the Time 时间 Unit SixteenApology 道歉 Unit Seventeen Planning 计划 Unit Eighteen Expressing Hopes 希望 Unit Nineteen Agreement and Disagreement 同意与不同意 Unit Twenty Advice and Suggestions 劝告与建议 Unit Twenty-one Requests 请求 Unit Twenty-two Permission 允许 Unit Twenty-three Repetition 重述 Unit Twenty-four Opinion 观点 Unit Twenty-five Congratulations 祝贺 Unit Twenty-six Encouragement 鼓励 Unit Twenty-seven Comforting 安慰 Unit Twenty-eight Sympathy 同情 Unit Twenty-nine Surprise 惊奇 Unit ThirtyAbility 能力 文化篇 。

7. 求10个过去进行时的英语句子

When the teacher came in,I was talking. While my mother was making dinner, my father was watching TV. I was doing my homework at 6:00 last night. He was reading at 6:30 yeaterday morning. What were you doing from 6:00 to 7:00? They were planting trees at 9:30 yesterday. My sister was playing football at that time yesterday. He wasn't cooking at this time last day. When I got off the bus,I was talking with my friends. He was climbing the hill at 4:30 last night.。

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